Crunch meeting for Premier shareholders

Steve Dinneen
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PREMIER League shareholders will meet this afternoon to discuss a series of key issues affecting football’s top flight governing body.

The Premier League board is said to be eager to offer more money to lower league clubs to help stave off the threat of administration. We revealed last month the governing body could double the payments handed to each club in the three lower leagues at the end of a season. The payments currently total between £14m and £50m.

Shareholders must vote in favour of the plan for it to go ahead. However, it is unlikely to go to a full vote today, with a final decision likely to be made in June.

The issue of “parachute” payments handed to relegated clubs at the end of a season will also be discussed. Lower league clubs have complained the payments give an unfair advantage to relegated clubs.

The long shadow cast by Ofcom’s pay-TV ruling, which will force Sky to slash the wholesale prices for Premier League football, will over-shadow the event.

The Premier League and other sporting bodies reacted furiously to the decision, which they say could drive down investment in sport.