City backs plans to cut non-EU migrants

THE TORIES are right to propose a new annual limit on the number of skilled workers admitted into the UK from outside of the EU, according to our panel of City workers, despite concerns the policy could stop firms from tapping global talent.

The City A.M. / PHI Panel has been specially recruited in conjunction with to represent the views of London’s business and financial community. Yesterday we asked it how far it agreed with the policy.

Over two thirds of the panel (68 per cent) said they either strongly agreed or somewhat agreed with an annual cap, while 31 per cent said they disagreed with the policy.

Earlier this week, the chief executive of City lobby group London First, Baroness Jo Valentine, told City A.M. that the plans could stop firms from recruiting people from overseas.

“Anything which intentionally or unintentionally constrains the flow of highly-skilled labour in and out of London and the South East is economically unhelpful,” she said.

But shadow business secretary Ken?Clarke yesterday said that a Tory government would “make sure that competitive business has the supply of people and skills”.

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