Capello critical of Rooney’s England form

FORMER England manager Fabio Capello has accused Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney of failing to perform for his country and insisted he only plays to his potential at club level.

Rooney has been criticised for the underwhelming nature of his performance during the European Championship quarter-final defeat to Italy and Capello, also from Italy, believes some of it to be justified.

“After watching the last game, I think that Rooney understands only Scottish,” said Capello. “That’s because he only plays well in Manchester, where [United manager] Sir Alex Ferguson speaks Scottish.”

The negativity surrounding Rooney greatly contrasts the praise directed towards Italy’s influential Andrea Pirlo, to which the ball-playing midfielder has responded by comparing England’s approach with the ultimately successful tactics Chelsea used to win last season’s Champions League.

“I think England played in a very prudent and careful way,” said Pirlo. “They were sitting back for the match like Chelsea did in the Champions League final against Bayern Munich.

“They tried to keep that same shape. For them going to a penalty shoot-out was already a good result.”