Cameron: we must cut deficit to prove UK is sound prospect

DAVID Cameron will strike a patriotic note in his address to the world economic forum in Davos today, promising he will “take on the role of flag waver for British business” if the Conservatives are elected.

In front of an audience expected to include former US president Bill Clinton and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Cameron will extol Britain’s “proud history” as a nation of traders and entrepreneurs.

“I believe we have great cause to be hopeful for Britain’s economic future,” Cameron is expected to announce, before cautioning: “But we must always remember that Britain isn’t somehow entitled to goodwill and investment. In a modern globalised world, no-one owes us a living.”

The Tory leader will draw attention to the country’s soaring budget deficit when he says Britain needs to prove it is “a sound business prospect now and for the future”.

In a brief nod to last year’s address, when he spoke of imposing a “moral framework” on markets, Cameron will call for the overhaul of the banking system and the development of a new economic model based on enterprise and exports.

“Were we to win the election in a few months I would be proud to take on the role of flag waver for British business,” Cameron will pledge, adding: “If we avoid the paths of least resistance we can put Britain back on top – open for business.”