Cam lays out health plans

Steve Dinneen
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DAVID Cameron will today give details of his controversial plans to modernise the NHS, including abolishing Primary Care Trusts (PCT) and handing control of health budgets to GPs.

More than 140 consortia led by GPs have already signed up, covering over half of the country and providing health care to 28.6m people.

Cameron says the changes will introduce competition, choice and greater independence for institutions, while reducing inefficiency and waste. He will say: “I want one of the great legacies of this Government to be the complete modernisation of our public services. These reforms aren’t about theory or ideology – they are about people’s lives.”

Health minister Andrew Lansley will also speak about the plans, adding: “If we want better results for patients and a more efficient NHS, then we must devolve power to GPs.

“It is clear that GPs and nurses are ready and willing to take on commissioning responsibilities [and these] changes will enable them to make the decisions that better meet the needs of their local communities and improve outcomes for their patients.”

The NHS Confederation has warned the plans are “extraordinarily risky,” could be detrimental to healthcare and even result in hospital closures.