Cable claims Tories get thrill from sackings

VINCE Cable yesterday used his speech at the Liberal Democrat conference to attack Conservatives who desire a “hire and fire culture” and get a thrill from sacking people.

He held up the failure of Adrian Beecroft’s report on employment law reform, which proposed allowing “no-fault” dismissals, as an example of how his party had been able to influence government policy.

“We have seen off the ‘head bangers’ who want a hire and fire culture and seem to find sacking people an aphrodisiac: totally irrelevant in a country with flexible labour markets which have created over a million private sector jobs in the last two years.
“Instead, we have concentrated on practical tribunal reform and supported progressive firms who want worker participation and share ownership.”

Cable said the Lib Dems were driving through plans to slash red tape, introduce binding votes on executive pay and cracking down on tax evasion.

Earlier this year Beecroft called Cable a “socialist” and said the Lib Dem should not have been left in charge of business policy.