Boujis set for October launch in Hong Kong

BANKERS trying to escape the economic gloom in London by heading to Asia can finally party in the style to which they have become accustomed.

Boujis, the eponymous Chelsea night club beloved of Princes William and Harry, is launching a Hong Kong branch next month.

Pledging to showcase the “best of the East with the best of the West”, owners Ignite are offering an international membership allowing access for visitors from South Ken as well as the ex-pat set.

Potato vodka and quirky apple gin house pours feature on the extensive drinks menu.

Meanwhile, the British-inspired food menu should provide some solace for homesick bankers. Food will be based on the choices on offer at seasonal restaurant chain Bumpkin, also owned by the Ignite group. Boujis London’s prominent resident DJ Klaus will open the Hong Kong club which will feature the same panelled walls and state of the art sound system as its South Ken sister. Prince Harry, however, still shy after his Vegas trip is unlikely to make a public appearance.