Barbers Shop is no match for Nicholls’ Poquelin in Ryanair

AGAIN, it’s certainly worth taking advantage of one of Sporting Index’s numerous match bets this afternoon. By challenging their prediction of the distance between a chosen pair of horses as they cross the line in a race, you can oppose any horse that you don’t fancy. The maximum winning distance make-up is set at 15 lengths, so there’s no need to worry about your horse being beaten any further than that.

The match that caught my eye this afternoon is Paul Nicholls’ Poquelin against Nicky Henderson’s Barbers Shop in the Ryanair Chase. The former can be bought against the latter at 1 3/4 lengths and that looks decent value as I’m not sure that Her Majesty’s horse has the gears to trouble our selection. I’m also pretty tempted to sell Planet of Sound against Schindlers Hunt at ¾’s of a length as I’d be pretty worried about the former’s jumping.

The best match bet in the World Hurdle looks to be a buy of Katchit at ¾’s of a length against Time For Rupert. Alan King’s former Champion Hurdle winner loves it here and looks a solid proposition. I’ll also be buying Tidal Bay in his match up with Karabak at ¾’s of a length as the latter may not be in the best of form.