Apple man to freshen up supermarket

Steve Dinneen
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A quick glance at his CV shows that Morrisons’ appointment of Simon Thompson to managing director of its website is something of a coup.

He left Apple in May after rising to become one of the most senior marketing-men in its European office. While working under Steve Jobs headed up the team responsible for its online store during the release of hit products including the iPad and iPad 2.

However, he is most widely known for his work on a series of innovative Honda adverts, including the superlative, Heath Robinson-esque chain-reaction ad “Cog,” as well as the famous slot featuring a choir mimicking the noises of a car and the “Hate Something, Change Something” animation.

The industry stalwart has also held senior marketing positions at and Motorola, making him one of the most highly sought-after executives in the country.

He will head up the team tasked with belatedly setting up Morrisons as a power in the online grocery delivery business. He will travel to New York to takes notes from Morrisons’ part-owned FreshDirect venture before rolling the service out in the UK next year.