Jailed Texan billionaire Allen Stanford is having trouble fitting in at his new lodgings at the privately run Joe Corley detention centre near Houston. The 6ft 4ins property developer and banker was hospitalised this weekend following a punch up with a fellow inmate.<br /><br />A US Marshalls spokesman confirmed that he had been in an &ldquo;altercation&rdquo; and was being treated for his injuries.<br /><br />But fear not, Stanford&rsquo;s lawyer Kent Schaffer assures us that, &ldquo;contrary to reports, he is not in intensive care at the hospital&rdquo;.<br /><br />Stanford was charged in February this year by the US Securities and Exchange Commission for cheating investors out of $7bn (&pound;4.38bn), but denies all 21 charges against him.<br /><br />He will certainly be feeling the change in lifestyle, swapping his designer suits and luxury yachts for fetching orange overalls and handcuffs.<br /><br />It&rsquo;s not known what caused the fracas this weekend. But perhaps his reputation precedes him and his fellow inmates suspect he&rsquo;s running a racket to scam them out of their hard-earned cigarette rations. People have been shot for less.<br /><strong><br />EARLY MOURNING</strong><br />Next time you decide to take the weight off your feet in the City, you might be surprised if you check out the plaque on your bench. <br /><br />Take this one just off Walbrook, for example: In memory of the gender pay gap.<br /><br />The Capitalist is intrigued to hear from anyone who can shed some light on this story. Who put the plaque there and, perhaps more importantly, in which year are we supposed to have buried said gender pay gap?<br /><strong><br />INFLIGHT DELIGHT<br /></strong>Those of you planning to take advantage of BA&rsquo;s new City to New York service, will be pleased to learn that you will be doing your bit to support local enterprise. BA has partnered with Roast chef Lawrence Keogh to devise the menu, and all produce will be sourced from Borough Market.<br /><br />But then, with flights costing business class rates, you&rsquo;d expect more than a packet of pretzels.<br /><strong><br />COMMUNITY SPIRIT<br /></strong>Three cheers for the 500-plus employees of accountant Kingston Smith, who traded their City suits for jeans and t-shirts on Friday to embark on the firm&rsquo;s annual Challenge Day.<br /><br />The team spent the day volunteering at playgrounds, schools, community centres and retirement homes, demonstrating that City-types do like to give something back to the world.<br /><br />The company met for some well-earned drinks at the end of the day and, according to senior partner Michael Snyder &ndash; who spent the day clearing up an adventure playground &ndash; the &ldquo;atmosphere was completely electric&rdquo; as everybody buzzed about what they had achieved.<br /><br />Makes me almost want to do it myself...almost.