Airbus racks up $5.3bn of orders at Dubai airshow

AIRBUS forecast a &ldquo;difficult winter&rdquo;,despite yesterday announcing a $670m&nbsp; (&pound;400m) jet deal with Senegal Airlines, taking total orders unveiled at this week&rsquo;s Dubai airshow to $5.3bn.<br /><br />Airbus&rsquo; chief operating officer for customers, John Leahy, said: &ldquo;We had a good airshow, better than many expected. But our industry is not out of the woods yet. There will be a difficult winter ahead of us, but with the deals we made in Dubai and the interest in our products we saw here, spring may not be that far away.&rdquo; <br /><br />Senegal Airlines is buying four Airbus A320 aircraft and two A330s to help it launch services in early 2010 from its Dakar hub to African and European destinations.<br /><br />In Dubai, Airbus announced firm and potential orders for 33 aircraft from airlines including Air Austral, Ethiopian Airlines, Comlux, Yemenia Airlines and Nepal Airlines.