One in three Brits concerned that robots could take over the world

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Brits are less likely to think their job can be done by a machine (Source: Getty)

One in three British people are worried that robots could take over the world, even though UK residents are the least worried about losing their jobs to AI.

Two thirds of Brits foresee doom and gloom from the rise of the robots, with 67 per cent worried that workers will be replaced by robots, and 61 per cent thinking machines taking jobs will result in an economic crisis.

But the survey, conducted by app Streetbees, found that although Brits might be concerned about robots in general, they are less worries about losing their own jobs.

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Just one in four British respondents believed their job could be done by a machine. This compares to 37 per cent of American respondents, 58 per cent in Nigera, and 59 per cent in India.

British people are also optimistic about the prospect of tech improving quality of life, with 66 per cent agreeing that AI will make their lives easier in the future.

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“Technology is disrupting the economy and society from top to bottom, and our research shows that people in the UK recognise its potential to completely change how we live and work," said Tugce Bulut, chief executive and co-founder of Streetbees.

"Clearly, many British people aren’t sure what technological progress means – not just when it comes to their own jobs and futures, but also for the country as a whole.”

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