Co-op's the latest supermarket to drop the tampon tax, following Tesco, Waitrose and Morrisons

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Co-op will no longer charge VAT on sanitary products

Co-op has become the latest supermarket to take a stand on the so-called tampon tax by cutting out the additional cost for customers.

It follows similar action taken by Tesco, Waitrose and Morrisons in the past few weeks.

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The cost of tampons and other sanitary products will be reduced by five per cent from the end of August at Co-op, with the supermarket effectively covering the costs.

“As a community retailer we feel it’s important to do right by our customers. That’s why we are covering the cost of the five per cent VAT on sanitary products for women who shop with us," said director of trading Andy Phelps.

Women have for years campaigned against having to pay value-added tax on the products as they are an essential, rather than a luxury.

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Products are expected to become exempt from the charge from next year but Co-op is the third major retailer to scramble ahead of the legislation and ditch it earlier. Details on new legislation are expected from the EU by the end of the year.

The charge has already been reduced under the previous government - from 20 per cent to five per cent - with the money raised now going to women's charities.

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