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How to improve your mobile apps user engagement

Max Smith
improve user engagement for your mobile app
User retention is key to the ongoing profitability of your app. (Source:

User engagement is the desire of all app developers. If you engage users with your app, you will retain them. User retention is key to the ongoing profitability of your app. Satisfied long-term users are not only your user base, but they are also excellent ambassadors for your app to family, friends and their social media followers.

So how can your engage users with your mobile app? We will look at three methods, and by a combination of these, you can reach your app's engagement potential.

Smooth onboarding

One of the problems app developers face is user abandonment. It has been said that if an app is used just once in the first week after downloading, the chances are 60 per cent that it will never be used again.

One of the best ways to avoid this abandonment is onboarding. Fundamentally, onboarding means making it as easy as possible for others to start using your app. If you put options screens and settings pages in between your app and the user, it is like throwing spike strips in front of a car. Keep logins and account management simple. Do not front-end every feature. Let users reach features as they need them, in a natural progression.

As the app developer, you must create an experience that is compelling for first-time users. Onboarding is a vital part in shaping that experience. A sleek interface has been shown to improve the value of users during the lifespan of the app. By how much? The value is put at an incredible 500 per cent. Such a return is worth your effort.

Smart use of push notifications

Push notifications give you the ability to boost user retention rates powerfully. Figures shown vary, but are all impressive, being between 56 per cent and 180 per cent. The data shows, too, that the benefits of push notification include boosting user engagement as well. Almost a 90 per cent increase has been reported in user engagement due to push notifications.

It is a straightforward and efficient method. It recalls to user's minds why they started using your app in the first place. If you have access to user data, this can be a rich seam for an intelligent implementation of push notifications. Such data can allow notifications to be aimed with maximum effectiveness. Your appScatter account is an excellent source of such information, enabling you to adapt to your user's behaviours, adopt to their patterns, and synchronise for optimal profitability.

App personalisation

It will not be a surprise how greatly personalisation helps user engagement. If your mobile app can align itself with each user and their habits, users will be more inclined to keep returning to your app.

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