Brewdog is now valued at £1bn as private equity firm TSG Consumer Partners takes a 22 per cent stake

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Brewdog has landed fresh private equity investment (Source: Getty)

The "punk" craft beer maker Brewdog has been valued at £1bn after a US-based private equity firm plunged fresh cash into the hipster brand.

TSG Consumer Partners, which has previously backed Pop Chips and Vitamin Water, has splashed at least £100m on a 22 per cent stake in the Scottish-born brewery, giving it an enterprise valuation of £1bn it said in an update to shareholders.

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More than 50,000 beer fans who invested in Brewdog's crowdfunding over the years were told the deal had boosted the value of their investment by as much as 2,765 per cent.

"Crowdfunding can no longer be viewed as alternative finance; this is the democratisation of finance," founder James Watt said in the update.

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The deal includes TSG buying up shares from existing shareholders, with the Sunday Times reporting another £113m going on this, bringing its total investment in £213m. The firm will also offer other shareholders the opportunity to cash out up to 15 per cent of their equity, or up to 40 shares.

It comes after shareholders approved a shake up of shareholdings to make way for the investment. 95 per cent voted in favour of several measures, including a share dilution in order to issue more capital and a new management equity programme for senior management, a share buyback scheme and the issuing of preferred shares to TSG.

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