From Google to the Palace of Westminster: Here's how much energy organisations get through in a year

Lian Parsons
Westminster churns out 13.7m kWh per year
Westminster churns out 13.7m kWh per year (Source: Getty Images)

The Palace of Westminster's annual energy consumption could power around 4,000 UK homes for a year.

And that's small fry compared to Google, which could power every home in the capital for five months, according to GoCompare Energy.

The comparison site has conducted research on the annual energy usage of organisations like the Palace of Westminster, Google and Facebook and how much of that usage is renewable, revealing just how much energy it takes to run some of these giant organisations.

Renewable energy is determined by whether or not it’s “clean” energy, like solar, water and wind.

While 95 per cent of BT's output is powered by renewable sources, Google used 5.74bn kWh, 44 per cent of which was renewable energy. Facebook clocked in at 1.3bn kWh and 35 per cent renewable and Apple used 990m kWh and 92 per cent renewable.

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The Palace of Westminster used 13.7m kWh a year, though there wasn't detail on how much of this was renewable, while Network Rail's 3.2bn annual kWh usage could power every home in Wales for six months.

Product manager Ben Wilson from GoCompare Energy said:

“It might surprise some to see just how much energy these companies use, especially when compared to everyday household usage.

Identifying energy use is a key component in reducing energy bills, as businesses can often take simple measures to cut down their usage - for example, by ensuring employees switch off computers and lights at the end of the day. We also offer a simple switching service for businesses which can help cut costs, particularly if on a standard variable tariff.

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How different business' energy usage stacks up:


Total energy used (kWh)

Renewable energy used (kWh)

Percentage renewable




44 per cent

Network Rail







95 per cent




35 per cent




92 per cent





Palace of Westminster




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