Did Labour deputy leader Tom Watson perform a Parliamentary "dab"?

Mark Sands
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Labour Party Conference - Day One
Watson and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, possibly discussing who can do a superior moonwalk (Source: Getty)

Prime Minister's Questions resumed today after a brief break - and with two by-elections taking place tomorrow, it was a crucial session.

But it wasn't quite business as usual. Because it looks an awful lot like Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson performed a little dance move from his seat in the House of Commons.

Yes, it was the dab: the dance move all the kids are doing these days. It looks a little bit like someone trying to do Usain Bolt's trademark pose, while also trying to hide their face in shame.

Traditionally performed as an act of celebration, it is possible Watson was marking the end of what he deemed to be a successful performance at the despatch box for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

It's supposed to look a little bit like this...

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