Black cab drivers bring Bank junction to a standstill again with another demonstration against pedestrianising plans

Caitlin Morrison
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Bank junction has been brought to a standstill by a cab drivers protest (Source: Steve Hogarty)

London's black cab drivers have once again brought Bank junction to a standstill, in a demonstration against plans to part-pedestrianise the area.

Today's action follows a similar protest last Thursday. The cabbies are protesting against proposals to stop them driving through the junction. The City of London Corporation proposed at the end of last year that taxis and other vehicles should be excluded from the junction between 7am and 7pm on weekdays, with buses and bicycles allowed through.

No traffic will be moving through Bank junction for the next hour due to a protest by cabbies

City of London police said today's demo "may only take place for a maximum of 90 minutes from 1500hrs", meaning the junction should be clear again by 4.30pm.

The police also published a map highlighting the area that may be affected by the taxi drivers' action.

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