Look away now - these are dirtiest places to eat in the City

Nina Edy
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Brinker International Sells Corner Bakery
Things are not looking good (Source: Getty)

A boozy lunch (or a quick coffee) is a time-worn City tradition - but if you want to end up back at work afterwards, read on…

Data from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) reveals the dirtiest places to eat in the City - and for some regular lunch spots, it doesn’t look good.

Using the Food Hygiene Rating System (FHRS), businesses have been ranked on a scale of zero to five, with five being the cleanest and zero the dirtiest.

We’ve put together a map of the 45 eateries awarded the three lowest rankings possible and are therefore in need of “urgent improvement or “major improvement”, according to the FSA.

Disconcertingly, a branch of coffee chain Caffe Nero appears on the list, the Fenchurch Street branch of salad bar chain Vital Ingredients (a City A.M. favourite), which were both given a rating of one when measured against the FHRS.

Restaurants/takeaways in the EC4 area made appearances on the list more than 15 times - those eating out in the St Paul’s area… beware.

Here’s a map of those given the worst rankings - click or tap on the markers to see how they were rated.