How City A.M. and other media covered Steve Jobs unveiling the first iPhone

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The iPhone was first revealed by Steve Jobs in 2007 (Source: Getty)

The launch of the iPhone was, as ever with Apple, long-awaited and much-hyped, with rumours swirling beforehand that it was getting into the telecoms business.

But it wasn’t a splash-worthy event for City A.M.. A page two picture was warranted of Steve Jobs posing with the pocket-sized device.

“UPWARDLY MOBILE: Apple spikes on unveiling of iPhone” the headline read.

“Shares in Apple Computer leapt 8 per cent in New York last night as company chief Steve Jobs, above, unveiled his latest innovation, the iPhone — a touch screen mobile phone handset.

"The device will cost from $499 to $599 (£257 to £310) and will go on sale in America from June and in Europe from October.”

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On the front page, however, Apple had already made an impact, perhaps signalling things to come. An iPod urged readers to download “tomorrow’s news today” on your iPod featured.

There also appeared an unspecified mobile phone prompting you to text a number to get “stories to your mobile daily from 6pm”, almost like an early precursor to chatbots.

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In a blast from the past - and perhaps highlighting just how much the iPhone has changed the media - here's how others covered Steve Jobs' big moment in 2007.


"Apple's 'magical' iPhone unveiled"

"It is essentially a computer with a blank screen that users configure so they can operate the monitor with their fingers."

The Guardian

"Apple launches iPhone"

"Mr Jobs claimed that the software capability of the iPhone puts it five years ahead of any other product in the mobile market, describing rivals' mobile technology as "baby software".


"Apple announces iPhone, stock soars"

"The biggest letdown is the fact that the iPhone won’t be available until June 2007 in the U.S. They have so much horsepower and untested software packed into this tiny device that the first version will almost certainly have problems – overheating, bugs, etc. That won’t stop millions from buying it as soon as it is available. And it won’t stop me, either."

The New York Times

"Apple introduces innovative cellphone"

"Investors took quickly to the pitch, sending Apple’s stock price up to a record close, while shares of established cellphone makers slumped.

"Still, the phone is a gamble on a new business for Apple. And even with its success with the iPod and a reborn line of computers, it has not been immune to marketplace failures, like the Macintosh Cube introduced in 2000."

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