Move over Trump and Brexit: These are the things we Googled most in 2016

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Tributes Are Made After The Death Of Music Icon David Bowie
Bowie was bigger than Trump in 2016 (Source: Getty)

It wasn't Donald Trump and the EU referendum which elicited our curiosity the most in 2016, it turns out (despite how it might have felt).

While the two biggest political events of the year ranked highly in Google's year in search, which compiles the top most searched trends, neither were the biggest topic that occupied our curious minds and googling fingers.

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It was Euro 2016 and Pokemon Go which turned out to be of more interest, as was David Bowie, who was one of the many beloved icons to pass away this year. Clearly the nation wanted some entertainment to escape from some depressing events this year.

“The diversity in the top 10 most trending topics of the year show which political events have dominated the zeitgeist, how celebrities have touched our hearts and how sport continues to unite us," said head of Google's News Lab in London, Matt Cooke.

The loss of Prince and Alan Rickman also demanded people's interest, appearing in the top trending searches in 2016.

Most searched trends of 2016 according to Google

1. Euro 2016

2. Pokemon Go

3. David Bowie

4. Donald Trump

5. Prince

6. EU referendum

7. Alan Rickman

8. Olympics

9.  US election

10. Deadpool

Brexit and the US elections did however top the most Googled news events, as did attacks in Brussels and Nice. But also making the list were less world shaping events, including clowns, Harambe and Toblerone (anyone not familiar with why these make the list should, ummm, Google it).

The most Googled news events of 2016

1. Brexit

2. US election

3. Hurricane Matthew

4. Brussels attack

5. Zika virus

6. Clowns

7. Harambe

8. Toblerone

9. BHS sale

10. Nice attack

And here were our most pressing questions of the year, showing that Facebook live video may just be as popular as Facebook says, Sky Q was a bit of a sleeper hit, and that we're also considering some pretty deep and existential matters this year.

What is...

... Pokemon Go?

... Brexit?

​... the single market?

... the EU?

.... a coup?

... Article 50?

... Bastille Day?

... the weather forecast today?

... Sky Q?

... the mountain of butterflies?

Where is...

... Brussels?

... my polling station?

... the A word filmed?

... Britannia cruise ship today?

... Eden filmed?

... is Love Island filmed?

... Malibu?

... is Rio?

... V Festival 2016?

... Oceana?

​How to...

... play Pokemon Go?

... to lose weight well?

... stay young?

... go live on Facebook?

... vote in the EU referendum?

... get an Irish passport?

... make a slime?

... appear funny?

... apply for British citizenship?

... accept myself for who I am?

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