What can we learn from Theresa May's Christmas cards?

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Theresa May has chosen her festive greeting cards (Source: Getty)
rime Minister Theresa May has unveiled the designs of three Christmas cards that she will send this year.

All three were drawn by schoolchildren from her constituency of Maidenhead, and chosen personally by the Prime Minister.

But with the PM remaining tight-lipped on her Brexit strategy ahead of triggering Article 50 next year, could she be picking cards that accidentally reveal her mindset in Downing Street?

"Grey Brexit"

This is a design by Jade, aged 11, and it is grey. It is so grey.

A tableau of different Christmas images, choosing this card shows the Prime Minister subconsciously finding a design that chimes with her own preoccupations.

There's the red, white and blue Brexit up in the corner, the black Brexit of the door, and even the dog's Brexit over on the left.

The outside of the house is restrained and spartan. And even the elf seems restrained in his jollity, arms folded behind his back.

This card says: "You have your fun. There's work to be done here. I'm going to get on with it."

"Stop the madness"

Sophie, aged 11, has taken a straight-forward image, the outside of 10 Downing Street, and warped it into a saccharine Christmas wonderland.

It is a card so festive that, notably, Santa Claus does not want to be part of it. He's trying to climb the railings, to escape into the street and run far from this bejewelled candyland.

The elf does not help. The reindeer - not Rudolf, possibly Prancer? - merely stares at him, presumably trying to understand why his master is leaving.

But old Saint Nick cannot escape. He has taken on a role that comes with too much pomp and ceremony for him, and now he is trapped. Forever.

What I'm saying is, maybe don't expect too many pictures of the PM having a great time at the State Opening of Parliament.

"Urban Dystopia"

This effort by Isabelle, aged 5, is full of grim portents for the future, and it all starts at Theresa May's front door.

Look at that wreath. After it has been callously knocked to the floor, a policeman has been summoned to chase away the young ruffians terrorising Downing Street.

Larry the Cat lies dead in the street, most of the baubles on the tree are blackened, presumably by some recent fire.

And yet all of the faces feature in terrifying rictus grins.

I'm not sure what this card tells us. But it can't be a good sign that May picked it, and that even Santa Claus barely wanted to feature on it.

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