#SorryNotSorry : Read Night Tsar Amy Lame's "gritted teeth" apology

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Night Tsar Amy Lame was appointed by Sadiq Khan earlier this month

London's new night tsar Amy Lame has risked a fresh backlash by issuing a half-hearted apology to Tory councillors over her controversial comments on social media.

Questions have been raised over Lame's appointment by her use of Twitter to brand Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson “scum”, celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher and fantasise about “bitch-slapping” David Cameron and Baroness Sayeeda Warsi.

Six Conservative borough councils wrote to Lame in light of her comments to ask her to disregard political bias and work with them on a bipartisan basis, and the new night tsar yesterday authored an apology, agreeing to delete the comments online.

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However, the full text of the letter from Lame offered only a half-hearted apology to the councillors without expressing contrition not for making the remarks.

Instead, the letter, published in full below, saw Lame say she regretted only "if some of my old tweets caused any offence".

London Assembly Conservatives leader Gareth Bacon said: "As apologies go, this is extremely weak. Simply referring to the litany of grossly offensive material on her social media profile as some 'old tweets' and offering an apology 'if' they caused offence suggests she has failed entirely to recognise the gravity of her position and the importance of the Night Czar role.

"I was initially pleased to hear she was ready to address the concerns of the borough leaders, but from this grudging letter it seems she has done so through gritted teeth."

Despite the meek apology, Lame also offers to work with local politicians "in a bipartisan and constructive way".

As Night Tsar, her ties with Conservative-led Westminster Council are likely to be particularly important - it hosts London's largest night-time economy.

"I very much look forward to working with you to make London's night time vibrant and safe for everyone," Lame wrote.

A City Hall spokeswoman has been contacted for comment.

Lame apology: Her letter in full

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