The biggest Autumn Statement announcements that got Twitter talking

Lynsey Barber
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Talk of the town? Well, of Twitter (Source: Getty)

It was Brexit, Brexit and more Brexit that got Twitter talking during the chancellor's first ever Autumn Statement.

The subject accounted for a quarter of all Twitter chatter related to Philip Hammond's speech, according to social monitoring firm Brandwatch.

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That was followed by housebuilding, signalling just how welcome the promise of billions of pounds of funding was for building thousands of new homes.

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The Twitterati was also fluttering over the matter of workers' income with new pledges to increase the national living wage and to increase the tax free personal allowance, clearly a people pleaser with the public.

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It also provided the biggest spike in conversation, as did corporation tax, which Hammond committed to reducing to 17 per cent as previously promised, but did not vow to reduce further to 15 per cent as some had expected.

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