John Lewis stands firm, resisting growing calls to stop newspaper advertising

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Campaigners: Stop advertising in the Daily Mail. John Lewis: Nah (Source: Getty)

John Lewis is standing firm and refusing to pull newspaper advertising despite increasing pressure to do so.

The retailer has emerged as the main target of the Stop Funding Hate campaign – which is calling for brands to pull adverts from the Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express.

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Meanwhile, a SumOfUs petition calling for John Lewis to stop advertising with the Daily Mail this morning claimed 50,000 signatures.

However, John Lewis is standing by its response to the Stop Funding Hate campaign: “We fully appreciate the strength of feeling on this issue but we never make an editorial judgement on a particular newspaper.”

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Specifically, the SumOfUs petition accuses the Daily Mail of being an “outlet that promotes racism and xenophobia”.

Stop Funding Hate claimed a victory when Lego said it was “not planning any future promotional activity” with the Daily Mail.

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