Boris Johnson says Trump's victory represents a "great opportunity" for the UK to build a relationship with the US

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A Trump administration was a "great opportunity" for the UK according to Boris Johnson (Source: Getty)

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson said that the public needs to snap out of any downbeat feelings towards Donald Trump's US presidential election victory.

Speaking to reporters after meeting Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, Johnson said that "it's time we snapped out of general doom and gloom about this election", according to reports by Reuters.

Johnson went on to voice his opinion that Trump was a "dealmaker" and that this would be good for Britain.

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"I believe that this is a great opportunity for us in the UK to build on that relationship with America that is of fundamental economic importance for us but also of great importance for stability and prosperity in the world," Johnson said.

The comments came after the foreign secretary congratulated Trump via his Twitter account on Wednesday.

In the wake of Trump's victory yesterday, one of Johnson's predecessors as foreign secretary launched an uncharacteristic tirade against both Trump and the former London Mayor.

Margaret Beckett, who served as part of Tony Blair's government said: "The only thing that makes me feel even worse than I already do is the thought of Boris Johnson negotiating with Donald Trump.

"Boris, like him, is dishonest. Boris, like him, is plausible. Boris, like him is a phoney and a nasty piece of work. God help us all."

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Johnson's positivity this evening appeared to be something of a change of heart having last year said that he feared going to New York because of "the real risk of meeting Donald Trump".

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