Asda vows to clean up its act after probe finds poor home delivery hygiene standards

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Asda said it has taken "immediate action to permanently improve standards across all our home shopping services" (Source: Getty)

Supermarket Asda has taken “immediate action” to improve the standards of its home delivery service after an investigation exposed unhygienic conditions.

Six in 10 deliveries were found to be “dirty or worse” by an undercover BBC Watchdog team, which launched the probe after a whistleblower raised concerns.

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The team tested bacteria levels on crates from 10 different deliveries. Three were “equivalent to dirt levels of a kitchen floor”, while two were “extremely dirty”, at the same level as a kitchen bin.

Asda admitted to the BBC it had fallen short of customer expectations and that it had now ordered the deep cleaning of every home hopping crate and van.

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The supermarket said in a statement:

Our customers expect and deserve the highest standard of service. We haven't lived up to this but our customers can trust us to take complaints seriously and do the right thing to resolve them.

Although some of our policies and procedures have not been followed in these six stores, we have taken immediate action to permanently improve standards across all our home shopping services.

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