Your Facebook profile can't make your car insurance cheaper, It turns out

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Update: Facebook has blocked plans by Admiral to reduce premiums based on profile data - find out more.

Beware what you share - your Facebook status could be giving away more than you think.

Insurance firm Admiral is plundering the social network for information that could indicate how safe you are as a driver, resulting in a lower premium if you get a thumbs up.

Experts will analyse the data such as what you post and like on the site to determine if you're careful.

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"There's a proven link between personality and how people drive, and our clever technology allows us to predict who is likely to be a safe driver," the company said on its website.

Aimed at younger drivers who are new to the roads and are usually classed as high risk, firstcarquote will be optional for those looking to bag lower premiums, with discounts of up to 15 per cent on offer.

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Admiral's algorithm will pick up on things that indicate a conscientious personality, such as using full sentences and grammar, being specific about dates when making arrangements to meet and making lists, the Guardian reports.

It's another step forward for car insurers who are increasingly turning to big data to find out more about how people drive. Telematics - boxes fitted in vehicles which monitor things such as speed - have become increasingly common.

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