Safer and more efficient: technology on trial so that cars can talk to one another

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Lightning McQueen, Mater and Finn McMissile of 'Cars 2' Roll Into Bob's Big Boy
It is understood that the current technology will not include cars developing a personality (Source: Getty)

Cars chatting away to one another? Didn't someone make a film about that once?

Well now some elements could be coming to life after Jaguar Land Rover and Ford announced plans to trial technology where cars will communicate to one another, in what will be the first such trials in the UK.

Through sharing information, it is hoped that journeys can be sped up and the number of accidents lowered.

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As part of technology that is paving the way for driverless cars, the plan is to test vehicles that will be able to warn drivers when another connected vehicle brakes suddenly as well as regulating their speed to encounter fewer red lights.

"The benefits of having cars that can communicate with each other and their surroundings could be very significant -- from increased road safety to improved traffic flow," said Tim Armitage, of UK Autodrive, government backed initiative who are co-ordinating the trials.

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Britain is aiming to have driverless cars on its roads by the end of the decade and earlier this month the first one was trialled in the UK's streets.

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