The Apprentice 2016: Here’s what happened in last night’s episode

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Alan Sugar grimaces
Even Lord Sugar was cringing this episode. (Source: Getty)

In last night’s show candidates undertook a Lord Sugar favourite - the advertising task. But the outcome was less Mad Men, and more men bickering over a bus shelter advert.

As usual for this challenge, the teams were given a product and a random adjective to use when marketing it. This year, they had to flog a pair of Japanese jeans.

Here’s what happened in last night’s episode.

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Lord Sugar’s jokes were as laboured as ever

The teams were dragged to an old East London factory, where lifeless mannequins circled above them, like the ghosts of candidates past.

This was an excellent opportunity for another Lord Sugar Zinger™. "If you fail this task, you’ll be hung up to dry," he said, pointing upwards at the rotating bodies. Then everybody laughed as though they were trying to get a job off him.

Karen, as usual, was unimpressed

Baroness Karen Brady made no secret of her disdain for certain candidates as she scribbled on a notepad in the corner. She was particularly unimpressed when one team managed to lose the pair of jeans they were trying to sell.

Karthik is on course to become an Apprentice legend

The big K, aka the one with the eyebrow, was on full form, spouting weird taglines throughout the show.

“If I’d wanted to be like everybody else,” he said, “I’d have plucked my monobrow.”

But Lord Sugar warned him that he was a loose cannon, so eyebrows and catchphrases may not be enough to save him from the dreaded finger point next week.

Oliver tried to justify the boys’ marketing ploys

How do you sell a pair of luxury jeans in this age of throwaway fashion? By telling the customer they can keep the box they came in, of course.

When a professional packaging designer questioned the tactic, Oliver told them he’d once kept a fragrant box, whatever that is, for fifteen years.

What does he keep in it? Minidiscs, apparently. Does he know it's 2016?

One team filmed their advert in the toilets of a Japanese restaurant

Because nothing says luxury like the bogs of a sushi joint.

Both teams did really, really badly​

Lord Sugar was flabbergasted by the low standards this week. Both team leaders were brought back into the boardroom with their tails between their legs, so neither team got a treat.

Sometimes, there can be no treats in business.

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