The seven crucial things you need to know about Apple and the iPhone 7

Lynsey Barber
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Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhone
The iPhone 7 and other products were unveiled by Apple boss Tim Cook (Source: Getty)

Apple's whirlwind event in California on Wednesday evening has brought us several new products and a new insight into Apple's direction.

If you weren't glued to your screen to watch it as it happened, here's our round up of everything you need to know about it waking up this morning.


The iPhone 7 is officially here. Yes, we were all expecting it, but here's the inside scoop on what's new - including a pretty impressive camera that's almost as good as a professional one. Oh yeah, it's also water resistant. Rejoice.


It wasn't Apple ditching the headphone jack that sent Twitter into meltdown, it was more about what Apple created to replace it - a slick looking pair of wireless headphones which have one fundamental flaw after you've taken off the wrapping.


Ever fancied going for a swim wearing your Apple Watch? Now you can! Or wanted to play Pokemon Go on it? Now you can! Oh yes, and they're also making the original Apple Watch cheaper (again). We're sure that doesn't mean anything at all...


Nintendo has spent the last decade pretending smartphones don't exist. It's finally ready to embrace them and give people the game they've been hoping for - Super Mario. Find out more


If you're wondering what all that's done to Apple's prospects in what is surely going to be called its annus horribilis by the end of the year (a bad year for Apple is a stellar one for any other company), we rounded up the analysts' verdicts, one of whom responded to the waterproof watch saying: "Great, now I have to start swimming again."


If you don't much fancy the newest iPhone, or are holding out until next year, then don't worry, your existing iPhone will soon get some fancy new functions with the iOS 10 update. Here's when it's coming to your phone.


Oh, and Tim Cook did Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon and Pharell. Of course.