There's a new London Tube map showing your steps between stations

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A new map of the London Underground has been created to show travellers exactly how close stations are in the centre of the capital and get them walking across the city instead.

The map shows the number of steps between the stations across zones one and two, demonstrating how locations such as Charing Cross Station and Embankment are just 300 steps apart and Lonodon Bridge and Monument are only 600 steps.

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It's the first time Transport for London has created a map sign posting step numbers and follows last year's walking Tube Map, which indicates the time it takes to walk between stations. The Mayor of London said the steps map would help the many people who monitor their daily steps increase those numbers.

Monitoring steps is becoming more and more popular with the rise of fitness trackers and smartphone health apps tracking steps, while many companies, including TfL, are increasingly using the measure to motivate workers as a simple way to increase physical activity for office workers.

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“We need to make it easier and more enjoyable to walk around London. We all hop on the Tube to take short journeys around central London, whether for work or when we’re out in the evening. The new steps map will encourage more of us to walk these short journeys instead – it’s good for our health and it will help support London’s small businesses," said Sadiq Khan.

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"We’ve made clear our commitment to tackle air pollution and get more walking and cycling in London, and this is a fun and practical way to help busy Londoners who want to walk more as part of their everyday lives.”

TfL estimates the average walker will take 100 steps per minute.

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