Sports Direct day: Mike Ashley is opening his company's AGM to the public

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It's a smart move from Sports Direct because the public love Mike Ashley (Source: Getty)

Sports Direct's founder Mike Ashley invited MPs to visit the company's Shirebrook warehouse while they were investigating working conditions at the site - and now he's inviting you too.

Yes, that's right, Sports Direct is opening its annual general meeting (AGM) to the public so everyone can have a go at Ashley for paying his workers less than the minimum wage.

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It's likely to be an explosive AGM; shareholders have been advised to oppose Ashley's re-election to the board. Who wouldn't want to witness the dethroning of the UK's second most controversial retail tycoon (the nation's most controversial is on a yacht in Greece)? It's all pretty Hunger Games.

Better yet: the Eventbrite page says there will be a "refreshments break". Twice. (Which is funny because it emerged in parliamentary hearings that Sports Direct workers were not allowed to take breaks to drink water.)

Sports Direct's invitation reads: "The purpose of the open day is to enable the board to engage with as many people as possible in an open discussion about the business."

But the company is obviously keen to make sure the day is well-filtered; anyone with questions must "pre-register" them before attending.

If you're wondering whether the Sports Direct open day is worth your time, take a look at the thrilling schedule Ashley has put together:

9am - 11am Board meeting (closed to the public, sadly)
10:45am - 11am Registration of AGM attendees
11am - 11:45am AGM - normally for shareholders only, but observers are welcome to attend
11:45am - 12:15pm Question and answer session for AGM attendees (and observers)
12:15pm - 12:30pm Refreshments break
12:30pm - 1:30pm Site tour for AGM attendees
1:30pm - 2pm Lunch break
1:45 - 2pm Registration of open day presentation attendees
2pm - 3:45pm Open day presentations and Q&A - topics for discussion might include: Why do you run your warehouse like a Victorian workhouse?
3:45pm - 4pm Refreshments break
4pm - 5pm Site tour for open day attendees
5pm Close of day

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