George Osborne may earn more talking about the economy on the dinner circuit than he did running it

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Osborne will joined a list of esteemed colleagues (Source: Getty)

Former chancellor George Osborne could start to earn far and above his previous salary after being permission to sign up to the after dinner speaking circuit.

Osborne could earn thousands of pounds per speech after being told he was allowed to sign up to the Washington Speakers Bureau, which already has Tony Blair, Nicolas Sarkozy and Ben Bernanke on its books.

The Tatton MP took in £135,527 as chancellor, including his backbench income.

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The government's advisory committee on business appointments said the former chancellor intends to make speeches on the current political environment after having registered with the American company.

The committee said that Osborne, who was relegated to the backbenches after Theresa May began her premiership, has to wait three months from the date he left ministerial office, which is standard practice.

Other rules he must comply by are:

  • He should not draw on (disclose or use for the benefit of himself or the persons or organisations to which this advice refers) any privileged information available to him from his time as a minister and;
  • For two years from his last day in service, he should not become personally involved in lobbying the UK government on behalf of the Washington Speakers Bureau or its clients.

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Chair of the advisory committee on business appointments Angela Browning said: "When considering your application the committee took into account that you had no dealings with the Washington Speakers Bureau while in office and there will be no contact involved with your former department or government more generally.

"The committee consulted HM Treasury, which had no concerns about you registering with the Washington Speakers Bureau and taking up employment as a speaker."

Osborne currently earns £74,962 a year for his service on the backbench, with Blair thought to have earned close to £400,000 for two half hour speeches in the Philippines and Gordon Bornwn being paid nearly £75,000 in one speech.

But, if you have to ask you can't afford it - and with the likes of Blair, former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar and former President George W. Bush, you'll have to request a slot in their diary to find out how much it will hurt your wallet.

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