The weaker pound is luring more US tourists to the UK, according to research from

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The fall in Sterling since the EU referendum is enticing more Americans to visit the UK, according to research from

More than four in 10 Americans (42 per cent) said they were more likely to visit for a holiday as the dip in the pound continued to favour the dollar.

Sterling has fallen 18 per cent on a trade-weighted basis since last November and is down 14 per cent since the Brexit vote in June.

The number of visitors from North America has grown by nine per cent in the last year, data from the Office for National Statistics showed last month.

London topped the list of destinations US tourists would most like to visit, at 88 per cent, while Cambridge (42 per cent) and Liverpool (39 per cent) came in second and third place.

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American tourists were also lured to the UK by the Royal family, with Kate Middleton being the number one celebrity US visitors would like to meet ahead of the Queen, who came in second.

Almost seven in ten (68 per cent) of the 2,000 US adults surveyed also said they would be keen to try the cornerstone of English culinary achievement: fish and chips.

"The rising interest from our American cousins is likely more to do with the strong dollar than the draw of our culinary delights, however it would be a welcome boost for the UK travel industry," Simon Matthews, senior public relations manager of said.

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