Bremainer and Brexiteer team up to bolster British businesses

Hayley Kirton
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These two are putting differences aside to help businesses weather the storm (Source: Getty)

Proving there are always two sides to every story, even when it comes to businesses and Brexit, a Leave and a Remain campaigner have today announced they are joining forces to help worried firms.

Andrew MacLeod, Remain campaigner, former global executive for Rio Tinto and visiting professor in public policy at Kings College London, has teamed up with Donal Blaney, Leave campaigner, Thatcher Centre head and principal of Griffin Law, to launch Brexit Advisory Services as part of Griffin Law's offering.

Services on offer include a public affairs facility, which can help concerned firms lobby for regulatory changes, and practical advice for those companies which have decided to move business away from the UK, including how to handle potentially sensitive issues relating to staff, property and suppliers.

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"Some businesses are considering leaving the UK, others certain to stay and yet some are still to decide what the Brexit vote means for them," said Blaney. "Griffin Law's Brexit Advisory Service will cover companies in each category."

MacLeod added: "Despite one's view on Leave or Remain, now that 'Brexit means Brexit' British business needs to ensure that we get the right regulatory environment in post EU UK."

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