These are the UK's 20 best towns and cities to work in (London doesn't get a look-in)

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Cambridge is the UK's best city to work in, according to the rankings (Source: Getty)

When Samuel Johnson made that quip about those being tired of London being tired of life, he clearly wasn't taking into account house prices - or work/life balance.

Because it turns out that Cambridge is the UK's best city to work in, according to employees there. That's followed by Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Leeds and Peterborough.

London, on the other hand, isn't named anywhere on Glassdoor's list of the top 20 UK towns and cities to work in - thanks to its prohibitively high cost of living (despite the fact it has dropped down the list of the world's most expensive places...).

Where to move next? The UK's top towns and cities

City Base salary House price Employee satisfaction Top jobs
1 Cambridge £35,000 £436,932 3.5 Software engineer, chef
2 Milton Keynes £36,000 £292,692 3.2 Store manager, management consultant
3 Nottingham £27,814 £181,974 3.3 Sales manager, business analyst
4 Leeds £30,000 £195,370 3.2 Recruiter, chef
5 Peterborough £34,755 £210,571 3.2 Product manager, store manager
6 Coventry £35,000 £184,397 3.3 Maintenance engineer, sales manager
7 Reading £43,000 £430,503 3.4 Sales associate, sales rep
8 Bradford £28,350 £124,766 3.0 Customer services, operations manager
9 Northampton £35,000 £226,661 3.5 Finance manager, recruiter
10 Swindon £35,525 £235,507 3.2 Sales rep, store manager
11 Manchester £28,000 £166,951 3.3 Project manager, sales manager
12 Aberdeen £43,000 £222,323 3.2 Tax manager, site engineer
13 Warrington £30,000 £201,077 3.0 Buyer, project manager
14 Bristol £32,000 £297,657 3.5 Software engineer, project manager
15 Glasgow £26,500 £168,797 3.1 Research assistant, sales rep
16 Edinburgh £30,000 £259,866 3.1 Business analyst, sales rep
17 Oxford £32,000 £502,452 3.4 Banking adviser, project manager
18 Liverpool £26,000 £159,121 3.2 Recruiter, audiologist
19 Birmingham £30,000 £177,941 3.0 Finance manager, sales manager
20 Derby £33,727 £190,236 3.0 Tax manager, nurse

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The ranking, which takes into account median base salaries, average house prices (no mention of homeowners' average weight, mind) and job satisfaction, said although employees in the capital are "pretty satisfied", the competitiveness of the jobs market and the general cost of living there pushed it down the ranking.

“Cambridge has long had a reputation for one of Britain’s most loved cities, but now it’s emerged as a prime spot for high-tech companies which is clearly having an impact on where people decide to live and work,” said Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor's chief economist.

“Towns and cities such as Nottingham, Leeds and Reading offer decent salaries and job prospects combined with a lower cost of living which means your money will go further, you can save, and still and have a good quality of life.”

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