EEF unveils manifesto to ensure steel industry's survival post-Brexit vote

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Manufacturing To Be A Key Election Issue
EEF urged the ministers to remove unilateral energy costs for steelmakers (Source: Getty)

UK Steel unveiled its manifesto today to ensure the embattled industry's long-term survival following the Brexit vote, ramping up pressure on the government to act.

The trade body said the so-called Brexit blueprint should remind the government that it cannot allow the current political turmoil or negotiations with the EU to distract from previous pledges to save the steel industry.

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It urged the ministers to remove unilateral energy costs, increase the procurement of UK steel and tackle unfair trade. It also wants funding mechanisms for energy efficiency projects, as well as determining other investments that are needed.

"The outcome of the EU referendum has fanned the flames of the crisis threatening to engulf our entire industry. In the short-term this means an even bumpier ride, but it also gives the government added incentive to ensure our sector survives," Gareth Stace, director of UK Steel, said.

"Everything we are asking for is designed to provide our sector with a level playing field so that we can compete fairly and freely."

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