Jacob's has experimented on all our behalves to create Twiglet-flavoured beer and Mini Cheddar Pale Ale

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Mini Cheddar Pale Ale and Twiglet Stout could be yours to taste this summer (Source: Getty)

It seems we've reached peak beer.

Pub-goers might be more familiar with Twiglets and Mini Cheddars as reliable, share-friendly bar snacks. But now, thanks to Jacob's, this summer you'll be able to drink down those flavours too.

Jacob's Crackin' Beer range is available via its social media channels between 5 and 12 July.

Twiglet Stout and Cracker Crisps Smoky Barbecue Red Ale are the two beer flavours curious drinks connoisseurs could get delivered to their doorsteps, though a Mini Cheddar Pale Ale has also been developed for small-scale taste tests.

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The Twiglet and Cracker Crisps offerings were developed and brewed in partnership with Manchester brewery Tickety Brew, to coincide with the 2016 summer of sport.

Source: Jacob's

"We really had to think outside the box with the Twiglet Stout; we couldn’t just add the yeast extract from Twiglets themselves, as this is an active ingredient in stout, so we have used seaweed to create a lovely salty flavour – we’re really happy with the result," master brewer at Tickety Brew, Keri Barton, said.

"We had so much fun developing these savoury beers for Jacob’s, and we hope consumers enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them."

The Jacob's bevvies join recent "summer-themed" offerings such as Cornish Clotted Cream Gin from The Wrecking Coast Distillery, which uses fresh Cornish clotted cream and 12 hand-selected botanicals.

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