Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson set to meet unions to discuss Jeremy Corbyn's leadership

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The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 4
Corbyn has said he will stand in any future leadership contest (Source: Getty)

Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson is set to meet with unions today in an attempt to pile on further pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to resign.

Leader Jeremy Corbyn has come under increasing pressure to resign amid speculation that he ran a lacklustre EU referendum campaign and would not be able to win a general election, which some think could come soon given David Cameron will stand down in the coming months.

Watson is set to meet Unite face-to-face, but speak to other unions separately, according to the BBC. Sources, reported by the BBC, said Watson has called it "the last throw of the dice".

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Former shadow business secretary Angela Eagle is "ready to go", according to one person close to the matter, but is waiting for Corbyn to stand down.

The source added Corbyn is losing support by the day, but would not comment on when Eagle could actually launch a bid.

However, there is an emerging feeling that both sides are becoming more entrenched.

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Yesterday Corbyn released a video to appeal directly to Labour members, saying he has a responsibility derived from the mandate he was given when he won the election last September.

He urged on his colleagues to unite, citing a number of areas that Labour has managed to push the government back on since he took the crown.

Corbyn has previously said he will stand in any future leadership contest.

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