Business leaders spar in rowdy final debate ahead of tomorrow's vote

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Jeremy Paxman presided over a string of passionate clashes (Source: Getty)

Business leaders locked horns over the impact of Brexit on the UK economy tonight, with the final debate before tomorrow's vote revealing a deeply divided TV audience.

Stark warnings about the economic ramifications from the Treasury and the Bank of England took centre stage during the raucous debate in which veteran broadcaster Jeremy Paxman struggled to maintain control during a string of passionate clashes.

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Nicola Horlick, chief executive of Money&Co, said: "It's going to be very, very bad news for our economy ... I'm slightly perplexed by people saying its scare tactics."

"These are not people who take money from the EU, they all agree that if we leave there would be a very significant [economic] shock." Vince Cable, the former business secretary said, in reference to the people who made these predictions.

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But Tim Martin, founder of British pub chain Wetherspoon, said: "The people who didn’t predict the last [economic] armageddon are predicting armageddon starting Friday."

Former Conservative chancellor Lord Lawson who supports Leave also stressed that the economy "is going to be fine" if Britain leaves the EU.