New referendum poll shows a marginal lead for the Remain camp with just days to go before Britain votes

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Will David Cameron be able to secure a win for the Remain camp in Thursday's big vote? (Source: Getty)

With less than two days until polling stations open, Survation's final telephone polling has shown a narrowing of the lead for the Remain camp.

Excluding undecided voters, the poll showed 50.7 per cent support for Remain, down by 1.5 per cent since the pollster's last research, compared to 49.3 per cent for Leave.

With the undecided voters, who amounted to 11.3 per cent of the total surveyed, the figures equate to 45 per cent for Remain and 44 per cent for Leave.

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However, the poll also shows a reduction of almost two per cent in the number of voters describing themselves as undecided, with many moving towards a Brexit vote.

Telephone polls during the referendum campaign have tended to favour Remain voters.

When polls first began to show a swing towards Leave in late May, phone surveys showed Remain support diminishing less.

The results mirror wider research, which continues to reflect an extremely tight outcome in this week's vote.

Yougov polls published yesterday gave Leave a two point lead, while a survey by ORB put Remain ahead by seven points.

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