Here's where Britain's national newspapers stand on the EU referendum

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Newspapers have thrown their hat in the ring with editorials (Source: Getty)

Britain's national Sunday newspapers have taken a side in the EU referendum on the last weekend before the nation heads to the polls.

The Sunday Times has backed Brexit, in contrast to its weekday edition, The Times and its fellow Rupert Murdoch-owned News UK title The Sun, which urged readers to "beLEAVE in Britain" last week.

In an editorial titled "Time for Britain to strike a new deal with Europe", the newspaper said: "Yes, we must be prepared for difficulties, but we should hold our nerve."

"This vote may be the best opportunity we shall ever have to call a halt to the onward march of the centralising European project driven by the inherent flaws in the eurozone. That journey is in ­neither our interest, nor ultimately Europe’s. In this ref­er­endum campaign we have been rethinking our identity: not as an isolated island nation, but as a global player in partnership with sovereign states on the Continent and beyond.

By our example, Britain may even bring Europe to think again about its own destination. We would like our association with the EU to be a looser, more flexible one. This is not a rejection of friends but a plea for real reform. Given a chance, Europe’s peoples would agree."

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The Mail on Sunday has come out in favour of remaining in Europe, in a surprise move and in contrast to the views of its weekday edition, the Daily Mail.

In an editorial titled "Vote Remain for a safer, freer, more prosperous - and, yes, an even GREATER Britain", the newspaper urged the country not to "take a leap into the dark".

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"This newspaper believes in a safe, free, and prosperous future for this proud country. And so we urge you, our readers, not to take a leap into the dark. Vote to remain in the European Union – for an even greater Britain."

The left-leaning Observer said in its editorial: "For an international, liberal and open Britain, we need to be part of the EU."

Here's how the major national newspapers stand on the EU referendum

Remain Leave
Mail on Sunday Sunday Times
The Times Daily Mail
The Observer The Sun
The Guardian Daily Express
Financial Times Sunday Express
The Mirror Daily Telegraph

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