Labour deputy leader Tom Watson to argue that a Remain vote in the EU referendum would create one million new jobs

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Tom Watson, Alan Johnson And Lord Smith Give Evidence At The Leveson Inquiry
Labour's deputy leader has tried to strike a more positive note on the campaign trail today, forecasting job creation from a Remain vote. (Source: Getty)

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson will today claim that remaining inside the EU would create more than a million jobs in the UK by 2030.

Speaking in London tomorrow, Watson will argue that future EU trade would open up markets in digital services energy and tourism.

Treasury figures have forecast that long-term benefits of a GDP boost of more than four per cent from membership on the single market, while claiming that a Leave vote would cost 800,000 jobs.

“We believe in standing up for working people whose jobs and communities depend on trade with Europe. We believe in standing up for the rights of everyone to be treated fairly at work – and for the rights at work that are guaranteed by our membership of the European Union,” Watson will say.

“And we believe in the positive role our membership of the EU can play in the future – the more than a million new jobs our economy has the potential to generate if we remain in the European Union, helping to provide opportunities for the next generation.”

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Watson's comments follow yesterday's intervention from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who warned that the future of the NHS would be put at risk by a Brexit vote, and described Boris Johnson as “a wolf in sheep's clothing”.

“The risk to the NHS if we vote Leave is the damage to public finances caused by a hit to our economy, and the risk to our NHS by a victory for those who would scrap a universal NHS – free at the point of use,” Corbyn said.

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