The latest ICM polls again show the Leave campaign is leading in the build up to the EU referendum

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Boris Johnson Attends A Vote Leave Rally In London
Will Boris Johnson guide the Leave campaign to a decisive victory on 23 June? The polls say he's winning so far. (Source: Getty)

Brexiteers are again winning in the latest polling figures from ICM, which show a five per cent gap between the EU referendum's Leave and Remain campaigns.

Figures from the pollster last week showed a lead for the Brexit campaign, which lead to an immediate drop in the value of sterling.

YouGov figures this morning also showed a similar gap in the popularity of the two campaigns.

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And now, the latest figures from ICM's online polls shows 48 per cent for Leave, up one percent from last week, and 43 per cent for Remain.

Excluding the nine per cent of voters who opted for Don't Know, this equates to a 53 per cent to 47 per cent lead for Brexit.

However, the pollster noted that there remains a divide between online and phone responses, with the Leave campaign's lead stronger online.

"If new phone polls do emerge with such an outcome, however, we could be more confident that – irrespective of where the actual standings are on a poll-by-poll basis – Leave have pushed on," ICM said

ICM also said that public engagement with the referendum debate is surging, with more than 70 per cent of voters now describing themselves as a 10 out of 10 certainty to vote on 23 June, higher than any previous point in the campaign.

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