EU referendum: Quiz - Can you guess where these celebs stand on Brexit? After Ian Botham backs Leave campaign, do you know which famous faces have spoken out - and on which side?

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Beefy's batting for Brexit. Not just because it's a good pun (Source: Getty)

Ian Botham is the latest famous face to throw his cricket cap in the ring on Brexit, in what's been called a "coup" for the Brexit campaign.

The cricketer nicknamed "Beefy", who was also a big backer of Shredded Wheat and buying British meat if his TV advert appearances are anything to go by, has called the whole Brussels thing "a racket".

Botham's not alone in "batting for Britain" (we see what you did there), following various, er, celebrities, vocally taking a side in the EU referendum debate. With voting day rolling ever closer, we can't help but wonder which other high profile names will take a side.... and make the front pages doing so.

Feeling a bit forgetful about who's taken which side so far? Take our quiz below to see if you can remember - or guess, depending how much you were keeping up in the first place - who's in and who's out.

Sol Campbell

Another sports star, this time Sol Campbell, spoke out earlier this month. But which side of the pitch was he on?

June Sarpong

One of the major campaigns launched with this Loose Women host's name attached alongside high-profile politicians. But is she T-for, or against Europe.?

Julian Fellowes

The famous thesp just last week said celebrities telling people what to think should "put a sock in it". But has he been speaking down(ton) on Europe or for it?

Bill Oddie

The well known bird twitcher and comedy actor spoke out in February. But would brexit be goodie or baddie, according to Oddie?

Michael Caine

The renowned actor and oscar winner, loved for movies such as Zulu, The Italian Job and for being Batman's right hand man, took a stance at the start of the year. But what was it?

Joan Collins

Another British legend, the actress tweeted her feelings on the EU referendum. Is she for remaining a part of the European Union dynasty, or against?

Emma Thompson

Another luvvie lays out their position. Would the star love, actually, to stay in Europe, or end membership?

Eddie Izzard

The charity marathon man and funny man has signed up to a side in the campaigning. But does he want Britain to run away from the union, or not?

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