EU referendum: People would vote to stay in EU if they'd be £100 poorer per year from the UK leaving

James Nickerson
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People would avoid voting to Leave if it cost them just £100 (Source: Getty)

People don't typically like to lose money.

So it's not that surprising that if people would end up personally poorer as a result of a Brexit vote, they would vote to remain in the EU, according to a poll by YouGov.

It found British people to have said that if they felt they would personally be poorer - even by just £100 a year - they'd decisively support the Remain campaign in the upcoming referendum.

Though what's more interesting, is that the result implies that "project fear" has much potential.

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"Project fear" is what the Leave side has dubbed tactics by the Remain side which attempt to scare people into backing continued EU membership.

YouGov said: "The economy is always a concern for voters, and the only real touchpoint with the EU for many."

"The Remain campaign knows this, and the government's pro-EU leaflet highlights bread and butter economic benefits of EU membership, like ending roaming charges and the impact of EU reforms on flight prices."

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However, British voters also feel that the UK would be less of a threat from terrorism if the UK left the EU, indicating that fear can cut both ways.

Recent polling puts Leave and Remain neck and neck as the official campaign starts.

Analysis of those headline figures suggests that the outcome of the referendum will turn on which side can better get its supporters to turn up on the day and vote.