Shades on: London's about to get warm and sunny as spring finally gets sprung

Catherine Neilan
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No, you're not imagining it. Having been rained, hailed and possibly even snowed on during the Easter bank holiday weekend thanks to Storm Katie, London is about to get hot.

Temperatures in the capital are on the rise from now until early next week, the Met Office has forecast.

Today has got us off to a good start with highs of 13*C throughout the City and tomorrow will nudge the mercury further yet.

By Sunday, temperatures in London and the South East will have risen to 16*C and it will remain warm until at least Wednesday.

There might be some showers on Saturday and Monday, but things are looking pretty good for the first official week of spring.

The rest of the country, however, is still having to put up with heavier rain, winds and fog.

But there will be some for whom the arrival of warm weather is not to be greeted with joy: those who suffer from hayfever.

The Met Office has warned that pollen counts are on the rise and will reach moderate levels in London by Sunday - ahead of the rest of the country.