Brussels attacks: Police clash with fascists in central square

James Nickerson
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Source: Getty

Belgian police have clashed with self-declared fascists who disrupted a tribute to the victims of Tuesday's attacks.

Near 400 black-clad fascists turned up at Place de la Bourse chanting nationalistic and anti-immigration slogans, pushing the police to take action, according to AFP news agency.

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Riot police took action and deployed water cannon to restore order after the group confronted crowds who had gathered for a show of solidarity.

The disruption comes after tragic attacks in Brussels on Tuesday, which killed over 30 people and left many more injured.

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Belgian police carried out new raids and took further people in for questioning as part of investigations into the attacks.

It was also reported that a second man was charged in Belgium in connection with an alleged foiled Paris attack.

Earlier today it was announced that a planned march was called off after the police admitted it would put a strain on resources, especially given heightened security.

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