Brits have around £343m in loose change lost around their homes, new study by Yale finds

Francesca Washtell
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The average UK household had £12.70 in loose change scattered around the house (Source: Getty)

Think you might have some spare pennies lying around the house to buy the Sunday papers with?

You're not the only one - loose change scattered around Britain's homes totals almost £343m, according to new research by locksmith and home security specialists Yale, reports SWNS Digital.

The study of 2,000 Brits found the average person has £12.70 in small change lying around the house in nooks and crannies such as the sofa, under rugs and behind other furniture.

This would equate to £342m across the nation's 27 million households. The sofa was found to be the worst loose change culprit, with the typical Brit finding £3.27 a year in the sofa alone, a total of £39m across the UK.

Yesterday a spokesperson for Yale said: “The research shows our homes are full of weird and wonderful items and that, clearly, we’re not always sure what we actually have under our roofs.

"From valuable jewellery that’s been lost or misplaced, to the coins in the sofa – people may well find a few hidden treasures when approaching their spring cleaning this year," a Yale spokesperson said. "It’s easy to lose track of items and there are clearly many areas in our homes we don’t often explore or check over."

In addition to loose coins, the study found one in six respondents had a very valuable item or treasured possession that they had lost somewhere in their home, while the average person had four important things they couldn't find at the time of the research.

If you lose something, start by checking the sofa - statistically it was found to be the most likely place in the house to find a lost item.